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Certified Mail labels

My company has a shiny new DM475 of which we are still familiarizing ourselves with ~~ most notably the e-Cert e-RR.  Is it possible to use the Certified Labels provided by the USPS or *MUST* they be the ones provided by PB?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Certified Mail labels

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If you can get e-Certified labels from your local PO, get them there. Otherwise, get them from PB. They're free (plus shipping?).


There are no e-Return Receipt forms. You don't need them.


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Re: Certified Mail labels

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Re: Certified Mail labels

I need to mail out a few certified letters and not sure  how to add the postage to it.


Can you please email me the step by step instructions




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Re: Certified Mail labels

Hi Michelle,

What is the model or PCN of your meter? 



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Re: Certified Mail labels

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Re: Certified Mail labels

What type of free e-cert labels can you get from Pitney Bowes?

We use certified label 316 and we pay an arm and a leg.

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Re: Certified Mail labels



Do you normally use the e-certified service through Pitney Bowes?  If you aren't sure, I can check on your account if you send me your company name and model and serial number through a private message.


- Loryn