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DI 380



I'm wondering if anyone else is having some of the same issues I am. My DI380 folder-inserter is jamming constantly. That wouldn't bring my operation to a hault all by itself but I've found the unit to be completely unaccessible. In a few cases, I was able to remove statements/invoices with needle-nose pliars but most of the time, it's a service call. I started to remove a panel once but a "customer service" rep said it would void my service agreement. Now I'm forced to spend an hour on the phone navigating prompts & speaking to both computers & overseas personnel to hopefully get a "tech" onsite within 2-3 days. This is typically a (2-3)X per week experience so a typical bill reaches customers 2-3 days later than it should.


I'm interested in learning what jam-clearing techniques anyone recommends, what are my contractual rights & obligations & if they'll really void my service agreement if I take the machine apart to get the invoices cleared??


Thank you in advance,

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Re: DI 380

I got myself a nice set of surgical tweezers, and they work great!

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