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Initially I received the 0810 code, but after removing the meter from the machine the error code is showing 1983.  I have a DM500 DGF1 model.  How do i clear them or what do they mean?
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Re: ERROR CODES 1983 AND 0810

Error 1983

For DM500 - DM1100 only


 Error 1983 stands for a print head error.  When you have this error, you can first try these trouble shooting directions: 


  • Turn the mail machine off for 3 minutes.
  • Remove the print head
    1. Press the Menu key
    2. Select Maintenance
    3. Select Replace Printhead
    4. Select Yes, continue
    5. Ignore the message on the display, and lift the cover (with the meter on it)
    6. Next to the green cover, you will see a square, black unit (this is the printer assembly).  On the top of the printer assembly is a grey lever.  Press the hold this lever to the left and pull towards yourself.  This will open up to another grey cover.  Lift this cover and remove the black, rectangular piece (this is the print head).  Push the grey cover back to its closed position, and push the grey lever back to its closed position.
    7. Close the cover (with the meter on it).
  • Turn the mail machine back on.  You will see the message “Printhead Not Installed.”
  • Install the print head
  • When prompted, print a test pattern on a tape or envelope
  • Select Yes, lines are unbroken
  • Press the clear/back key until you return to the main display


 If error 1983 is still displayed, you can next try these directions: 


  • Turn the mail machine off for 3 minutes
  • Remove the Ink Cartridge and turn the mail machine on
  • Install the Ink Cartridge


 If the error is still displayed, you can next try this: 


  • Turn the Mail Machine off for 3 minutes
  • Remove the meter from the mail machine
  • Clean the contacts on the back of the meter and the base of the mail machine.
    1. The contact on the meter is on the back of the meter.  It is a narrow, black plastic and chrome female connector.
    2. The contact on the base of the mail machine is located where the meter sits.  It is a narrow, black plastic and chrome male connector.

You can use canned air and an abrasive material (such as a manilla folder or dollar bill).  You will rub this abrasive material on the chrome contacts. 


If after following these trouble shooting tips you still have error 1983, then a service representative will need to be dispatched to your location.  To place a service request online, go to  Then, log in with your username and password.  If you do not have one, click on register now.  When you come to the My Account page, click on “Request Product Support.”  Next, locate your equipment and click on “Place a Service Request.”  Then, click on “Request On-Site Service.” 

Otherwise, you can call our service department at 1-800-522-0020. 


Error 0810 is a general error on the mail machines.  This is usually clear by turning the meter off for 3 minutes, and then turning it back on.  Many times, this will lead into a different error (such as 1983).


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