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How to print metered certified mail postage. Please help

Hi, this is my first post. Please bare with me. We got the Mailstation2 meter machine last week and so far we love it. We got it because we have been overpaying our postage ever since the post office decided that they will charge us extra for thickness. With the current postage it is very difficult to make the exact amount. I think that is bunch of bologna but that’s the way our post office operates.

I do have a question regarding Certified mail though. The other day I had 44 certifieds. I got to the post office 45 min before closing and asked them to stamp it for me. They said it would take longer then one hour to finish all of them so they cannot "meter" the envelopes but the clerk gave me stamps to put on and then, once I did that she "date stamped" it. She also said that I could print the postage myself via Mailstation2. I came back to the office and tried to look through the options and I did not see certified mail option under class or anywhere else. How do I create certified mail postage? Please remember that we are a law office and I need for the post office to stamp the green receipt for me.  PLEASE HELP. Smiley Wink

Thank you.


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Re: How to print metered certified mail postage. Please help

I'd actually be interested in knowing this too. Is it only through the software while connected to the machine with the PC or can it be done stand alone as well.
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Re: How to print metered certified mail postage. Please help

     Maybe you've already found an answer to your question (I hope you have). In case you haven't,  I have some suggestions that may make your job of metering certifieds a little easier in the meantime...

     We don't have the Mailstation2, but a DM200L with a stand-alone scale which calculates the postage, including the certified fee. So, I don't know if there is a certified setting on the Mailstation2, but you can calculate the base rate using your meter and then use the USPS website to calculate the cost of the package from there. If your mail pieces are identical, you will only need to do this once.

     I obtained a template at the Post Office that I can use to measure mail pieces, including the thickness. It was free. This will help you to calculate the base rate.

     I also keep a supply of certified slips at the office so I can write them up before leaving for the Post Office. After I have everything ready, I take the mail to the Post Office where the clerk detaches the certified receipts and postmarks them for me.

     I hope this helps.

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Re: How to print metered certified mail postage. Please help



With the mail station 2, there is not an option to select a class with certified mail.  However, you can key in the postage, such as $4.12, and press enter.  Then, print the stamp on your envelope and attach a delivery confirmation sticker.  You can obtain these stickers on our web site at  The reorder number for delivery confirmation stickers is 639-6.  You can also order signature confirmation stickers, 639-9 and a confirmation services receipt book, 640-7.  There is no charge for these items.


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