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Mailing of Metered Mail

Can metered mail be dropped off at any post office location?  Also, please correct me if I understood this wrong.  We are not to stamp "personal" mail using Pitney Bowes meters, they are for business and commercial use only?  Is this correct?

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Re: Mailing of Metered Mail



Thank you for your post, these are good questions!


Metered mail (mail that is stamped by the Pitney Bowes meters) cannot be dropped off at any Post Office.  Each meter is set with a certain zip code, based on your location, and the metered mail must be dropped off at Post Offices within this zip code.  If you need a specific list of which Post Offices will accept your mail, I would verify that with each Post Office.


There is no reason that I can see why the Post Office would reject your personal mail as opposed to business mail. 


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