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Retail Priority on meter

How can I get the Retail Priority Mail and Retail Express Mail rates back on my DM1000?  Although we now use Commercial Based Priority and Commercial Based Express to meter our mail, I often have inquiries about prices for mailpieces that will not be metered.  I want to be able to check the retail rates on the meter instead of checking the weight on the meter and then referring to separate charts for the zone and price.

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Re: Retail Priority on meter

If you go to (or if the person that wants to know goes there) the home page has a box/section called "Plan a Shipment" with a button in it labeled "calculate costs". Clicking that button will give you (them) the opportunity to find out how much the retail postage is for every appropriate postal service along with estimated delivery time. You (they) can even lump in extra services.


I've been asked to weigh peoples personal mail so much I'm considering asking the Postal Service to install one of their kiosks in here. That's what happens when everyone knows you have a postal scale.


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