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Smeared ink

Our organization has the mailstation2 machine and we do mass mailings of glossy postcards.  The red ink smears on these postcards.  Any suggestions for dealing with this problem?
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Re: Smeared ink



There are a couple suggestions that may prevent this smearing.


Thickness adjustment

If you have a DM500 - DM1000, the first and most common suggestion is to move the thickness adjustment knob to the thickest position possible that will still allow the mail pieces to feed in.


Reduce speed

If you have a DM500 - DM1000, you can run the machine at a reduced speed.


  • Press the menu button
  • Choose setup
  • Choose basic settings
  • Press the down arrow key once
  • Choose operating speed
  • Choose reduced speed



You can also clean the area of the mail machine where the envelopes feed through.  To start, you can blow out this entire mail path with nonflammable canned air.  Then, you can take an alcohol pad and wipe down any belts and rollers you can reach.


If you still experience smearing at this point, most suggestions are to use a less glossy material, as the ink may not have enough time to dry onto the material before smearing occurs.


If the print is still smearing after following these suggestion, then we would want you to place a service request.


How to Place a Service Request Online 





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