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SendSuite and Electornic Certified

I starting using Send Suite a couple of months ago to process certifed mail with electronic return receipt. For the most part it works pretty well. However, beginning last Thursday I noticed that I no longer get a message that "electronic shipping info. has been received" when I go to track my certified letter. In fact, I only get tracking feedback when delivery has been attempted or when the item has been delivered.


Also, beginning last Thursday my certified records no longer show up in my I called tech. support and they assured me this was not a problem and most likely a change with the USPS.


Has any one else noticed this? I don't mind waiting an extra day or two to get my tracking information but I want to be sure my files are being uploaded.


Does anybody know about a change with how the and is there any explanation that everyday for a month my certifed items were trackable and then all of sudden there is no "electron shipping info. received?



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Re: SendSuite and Electornic Certified

Hello CoreyMN,


Thanks for the question.


I have checked into your question and nothing has changed in the Pitney Bowes Software.   The ability for information received and updates do come straight from the USPS databases.  Perhaps there was an upload on the USPS end that delayed these records.  If this continues to happen I would ask your local post office if there is another place these records can be found.  i do know that USPS has a great tool in www.postalone!.com that allows for mor access to tools than just the regular website.



Thanks again for the post,


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Re: SendSuite and Electornic Certified

All this week I am unable to see my articles in the PB Web site.  What's going on.